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July 2004

The Pathan Unarmed, Mukulika Banerjea
Thursday, July 29 2004

Pathans are commonly associated with the full gamut of violence, from the domestic variety through tribal feud to armed resistance to outsiders. Accordingly, a peculiar interest attaches itself to the Khudai Khidmatgars or Servants of God, often referred to as the Red Shirts, a Pathan organization which professed (and sometimes practised) non-violence in the North West Frontier province of British India during the 1930s and 1940s. . . . Read More

Afghanistan, Louis Dupree
Thursday, July 29 2004

The object of the book apparently is to "ferret out the patterns" of Afghan culture with a view to establishing "guidelines for further investigation as well as [presenting] a reasonable survey of available data." He hopes "platforms will be established from which Afghan scholars can launch research projects of their own" . . . Read More

Thursday, July 29 2004

This is an American book, but an English edition is published by MacDonald and Janes. Ostensibly it deals with the North-West Frontier, but in truth it treats the Frontier in the context of Afghanistan; the country and the people, Pathans, of both the N.W.F.P. proper (the Settled Districts) and the Tribal Areas . . . Read More