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November 2005

The Fragrance of Homeland, Dr. Yaseen Iqbal Yousafzay
Tuesday, November 22 2005

Poets come from the sensitive class of the society. They enjoy the joys of their society to their best and simultaneously mourn the sorrows of their society from their heart of heart. Unfortunately, our society or more specifically our age has happened to be full of so many . . . Read More

Speen Tumbal (white Tambourine), Dr. Yaseen Iqbal Yousafzai
Tuesday, November 22 2005

Pukhtun is one of the culturally richest nations of the world. Apart for being their mother tongue, Pukhto has been a code of their life as well. This was good in the sense that Pukhtuns tried their best to keep their promises but as a consequence of these verbal codes, the culture of writing could not . . . Read More

Monday, November 21 2005

It was in the late seventies when I first happened to see a middle aged teacher standing in front of a huge laughing audience of teachers and students. Some of his humorous, meaningful QITAAT are popular since fifties but their architect is known to very few of us. Zamaa Koat was his very popular poem in seventies and is still remembered as a masterpiece of humorous Pukhto poetry. . . . Read More