Ahmad Shah Durrani

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Ahmad Shah Durrani, Dr. Ganda Singh
Published in Khyber.ORG on Thursday, August 30 2012 (http://www.khyber.org)

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Ahmad Shah Durrani

Dr. Ganda Singh

Publishing Date: Thursday, August 30 2012

Ahmad Shah Durrani - Father of Modern Afghanistan by Dr. Ganda Singh is online. The book resulted in award of a PhD to the author in 1954. Following are its table of contents:

  • Rise of Abdali's
  • Early life of Ahmad Shah Baba
  • Election and coronation
  • Occupation of Kabul and Peshawar
  • First invasion of India
  • Battle of Manupur
  • Second invasion of India
  • Annexation of Herat
  • Campaign and conquest of Khorasan
  • Third invasion of India - Conquest of Punjab and Kashmir
  • Some minor affairs
  • Upheavel in Punjab - Death of Mir Mannu
  • Fourth invasion of India - Punjab and Delhi affairs
  • Expedition against Jatts
  • Taimur Shah Durrani in Punjab
  • Rebellion of Naseer Khan of Kalat
  • Minor expeditions in Punjab
  • Fifth invasion of India - Struggle with Marhattas
  • Battle of Panipat (January 14, 1761)
  • Affairs at home (1760-61)
  • Sixth invasion of India - Ghalughara (1762)
  • Seventh invasion of India - Struggle for domination of Punjab
  • Eighth invasion of India - Loss of Punjab
  • Last campaigns to Balkh and Bukhara, Punjab, and Khorasan (1768-1770)
  • Last days and death of Ahmad Shah
  • Ahmad Shah - The man and his achievements
  • Appendices
    • Civil administration
    • Military administration
    • Ahmad Shah and the East India company
    • Geneaological table of Ahmad Shah Durrani
    • Descendants and successors of Ahmad Shah: Taimur to Mahmood
    • The Sikhs
    • Chronology of Ahmad Shah's life
    • Bibliographic notes
    • Bibliography

Click here to download the book (File size: ~ 70 Mb)

Following are some selected photographs from the book:

Ahmad Shah Baba (b. 1722, d. 16-17 October, 1772)

Prince Taimur Shah Durrani

Sher-i Surkh near Qandahar, where Ahmad Shah Baba was elected and crowned as Shah

Mausoleum of Ahmad Shah Baba at Qandahar

Sardar Jahan Khan - Commander in chief of Afghan army

Nawab Najib-ud Daula Rohilla

Gurgin Khan (Shah Nawaz Khan or George XI) - Ruler of Afghanistan before Mirwais Khan Hotak

Sardar Charhat Singh Sukkarchakkia, grandfather of Ranjid Singh

Sardar Jassa Singh Ahluwalia

Ahmad Shah Baba's empire in 1762

Ahmad Shah Baba's empire in 1772 at the time of his death

Click here to download the book (File size: ~ 70 Mb)


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Ahmad Shah Durrani, Dr. Ganda Singh
Published in Khyber.ORG on Thursday, August 30 2012 (http://www.khyber.org)