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پښتانه قبيلی وپېژنئی,
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Beware Dam Makers , Zubaida Birwani

Blocking the path of a free flowing river was once considered a good thing to do. But now, a century later, we are paying the price of standing in nature's way. . . . Read More

دايم پى اے ګانو کوان ، اکمل اسد ابادى

دسفر په دوران کښې چې سړے خپله غلے وى اودبل خبرې اورى نوډيرې دکار خبرې اوريدے شى زۀ هم بله ورځ دفلائنګ کوچ په اخرى سيټ ناست وم اوسورلو خبرې مې اوريدې . بحث جوړشو چې دصوبائى اسمبلۍ ممبرانو ته اوقامى اسمبليو ممبرانوته چې کوم فنډ ورکولے شى ددې استعمال څنګه کيږى . . . نور

Sardar Ali Takkar , Zafar Ali Usafzai

Takkar, a small village in District Mardan, may be known to many of the Historians because of the Tragic War that took place between the British Army and the Villagers and which resulted in a mass bloodshed of the innocent villagers. But almost every Pakhtun around the world knew Takkar because of a veteran personality, which opened her eyes in this village. . . . Read More

South Waziristan Agency has an area of 2,556 square miles. Three quarters of the population are Mahsud, the remaining quarter, Wazir. This division based on the traditional Nikkat (ancestral hereditaments) was confirmed by the British as the basis for all tribal dealings whether in terms of profit or loss, reward or punishment. . . . Read More

Demise of a Dream , Adil Zareef

"Only a dead nation remembers its heroes when they die - the real nations respect them when they are alive." These were the golden words famously uttered by the great Bacha Khan of the Pukhtoons - Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan as known to the rest of the world - also nicknamed as "Sarhadi Gandhi" by his admirers and foes alike. . . . Read More

Description of Marwats and their country by Herbert Edwardes during period of second Anglo-Sikh War. . . . Read More

پښتانه قبيلی وپېژنئی

خپرؤنو نېټه: 13 اکتوبر 2011

د ډاکټر لطيف ياد کتاب ((پښتانه قبيلې وپېژنئ)) برخې ړومبي وار د بېنوا وېب پاڼې کښې ښکاره شوي دي و د محترم ليکوال په مجاؤزت سره دلته تاسو ته کتابي شيکل کښې وړاندې کؤو۔

په دې کتاب کښې د ۱۰۰ نه زيات قبائلو ذکر شوې دې۔ خلاسؤلو د پاره لاندې انځور ته ټک ورکړئ۔

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پښتانه قبيلی وپېژنئی,
د خېبر وېب پاڼې باندې په 13 اکتوبر 2011 خپره شوې ده (http://www.khyber.org)