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"قام "چاپ شوه,
د خېبر وېب پاڼې باندې په7 اګست 2007 خپره شوې ده (

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Ikramullah Shahid , Abdur Rahim

Belonging to an eminent political family of Mardan, which played a pivotal role in the struggle for Pakistan, Deputy speaker for the NWFP Assembly Ikramullah Shahid is the most qualified member of the provincial assembly having M Phil Degree . . . Read More

Situated over a ridge at an altitude of more than 6,500 feet, Samana is at a distance of about three hours from Kohat in the NWFP. As one travels from Kohat to District Hangu on the way to Samana, one comes across the beautifully maintained headquarters of Orakzai agency, the only agency in the tribal areas of Pakistan that does not share any border with Afghanistan. . . . Read More

رحمان بابا خو څه د تعرف محتاج نه دې۔ داسې به يو پښتون هم نه وي، چه د رحمان بابا نوم نه خبر نه وي۔ دوئي د پښتو ژبې يو ستر صوفي شاعر وو او چه پښتو ادب کښې کوم مقام ته دوئي رسېدلي، بل شاعر هغه پائې ته هم نه رسي۔ . . . نور

In the Footsteps of Babur , Raheel Ahmad Sidiqui

I am a true admirer of Babur's memoirs; a beguiling narrative. Hence I decided to follow his footsteps in the subcontinent. His first incursion took place in January 1505. "Till that time I (Babur) had never seen a hot country or the Hindustan border-land." Crossing Khyber, his party dismounted at 'Jam-torrent' (Jamrud). Babur had heard about 'Gur-Khattri' (Golkhetri in Peshawar) as a holy place of Jogis and Hindus, but pressed for time he moved on to Kohat and . . . Read More

The ravages of the decade-long armed conflict in Afghanistan between the Soviets and anti-communist forces were not confined to Afghanistan. Rather, its ill effects spilled over to neighboring countries. One effected country of note was Pakistan, which was used as a base for war activities. Pakistan served as a home to arms depots and camps for training guerillas, and as a passageway for logistic supplies and other activities for the co-ordination of the war effort. . . . Read More

Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao , Muhammad Riaz

The rise of the Sherpao family to political eminence has come within a short span of time. This is remarkable given the fact that its home province, the NWFP, has traditionally been dominated by veterans like late Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, . . . Read More

"قام "چاپ شوه

خپرؤنو نېټه: 7 اګست 2007

د "قام" په نامه يوه نوې جريده د دواوه پښتو ادبي جرګې شبقدر ډېرۍ لخوا شروع شوې چې لومړنۍ ګڼه ئې په زړه راښکونکې سرپاڼې او يو شمېر ليکونو او د شاعرۍ د زړه پورې برخې سره چاپ او بازار ته راووته.

د دوو پنځوسو مخونو په دې ښکلې جريده کښې د نوموتو ليکوالو او شاعرانو ليکنې او شعرونه خپاره شوي دي. سرپرست ئې محمد جان ګګياڼى، مدير حيات اقبال حيات او مرستيال سحر کتوزئى دي. د کمپوزنګ چارې ئې افغان خپرندويه ټولنه ترسره کړې دي. د يونيورسټي بک ايجنسۍ پېښور او حيات اقبال حيات څخه ترلاسه کېدى شي. تليفون شمېره ئې داده: 0345-9394431

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"قام "چاپ شوه,
د خېبر وېب پاڼې باندې په 7 اګست 2007 خپره شوې ده (