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"قام "چاپ شوه,
د خېبر وېب پاڼې باندې په7 اګست 2007 خپره شوې ده (

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Cotton and wool are the main material used in clothes and these are woven and dyed and made into garments by each family or group. Women wear the Chadri or Burqa, which covers a woman from head to foot with a latticed slit for the eyes, is made of cotton in shades of blue, brown, black. In the rural . . . Read More

اسماء حسنۍ ، ليک : مولانه منظور احمد نعماني

په ترمزي شريف کښ حضرت ابو هريره (رض) نه نقل دې جې رسول الله صلي الله عليه وسلم فرمائېلي چې د خدائ دا نومونه دي: ترجمه: . . . نور

According to Tribal Laws and Tradition, the plantation of Wild Hemp or Cannabis (known as Bhang) & Opium (known as Afeem) is considered perfectly legal. However, the Taleban Government in Afghanistan had its effects felt in Tirah because under their influence, the local Ulema also banned its plantation in certain areas. . . . Read More

Graduated from Polytechnic High school in Kabul and Air force Academy. Served as Colonel in Afghan Air force; Currently Lives in Stuttgart, Germany as a Political Refugee. . . . Read More

Peshawar University has produced three path breaking books on the Pukhtuns. At a time when the government-army run think tanks in Islamabad have become little more than propaganda machines and unable to produce independent and credible scholarship acceptable at an international level and Pakistan s Universities are suffering from virtual collapse with the departure of dozens of top scholars and teachers to foreign universities, the lack of government . . . Read More

Kurram is divided into three distinct areas of Lower, Upper and FR Kurram. The Upper Kurram is the most populated part of the Agency and inhibited the most prominent and popular tribes of Turi and Bangash along with some other . . . Read More

"قام "چاپ شوه

خپرؤنو نېټه: 7 اګست 2007

د "قام" په نامه يوه نوې جريده د دواوه پښتو ادبي جرګې شبقدر ډېرۍ لخوا شروع شوې چې لومړنۍ ګڼه ئې په زړه راښکونکې سرپاڼې او يو شمېر ليکونو او د شاعرۍ د زړه پورې برخې سره چاپ او بازار ته راووته.

د دوو پنځوسو مخونو په دې ښکلې جريده کښې د نوموتو ليکوالو او شاعرانو ليکنې او شعرونه خپاره شوي دي. سرپرست ئې محمد جان ګګياڼى، مدير حيات اقبال حيات او مرستيال سحر کتوزئى دي. د کمپوزنګ چارې ئې افغان خپرندويه ټولنه ترسره کړې دي. د يونيورسټي بک ايجنسۍ پېښور او حيات اقبال حيات څخه ترلاسه کېدى شي. تليفون شمېره ئې داده: 0345-9394431

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"قام "چاپ شوه,
د خېبر وېب پاڼې باندې په 7 اګست 2007 خپره شوې ده (