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"قام "چاپ شوه,
د خېبر وېب پاڼې باندې په7 اګست 2007 خپره شوې ده (

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Throughout NWFP, the marriages are generally held or performed within one's own Beradari or tribe, but there are no restrictions on marriages out of the tribe or cast or Beradari. The trend to marry a girl outside tribes is increasing day by day due to increase in education in the rural areas and higher education in the urban areas. Usually the parents of the boy and girl . . . Read More

Akhund Sahib Swat , Muhammad Shafee Sabir

It was a warm day on the 23rd of August 1823. British troops from all over India were headed towards the battlefield via the rugged mountains of Ambela. The opponents were the Yusufzai Tribesmen. On one hand was a renowned Military Officer, Sir Nevile Chamberlain and on the other was a Darwesh, Hazrat Akhund Abdul Ghafoor Sahib of Swat. The British army had hand picked the best of its men from throughout India to crush the Frontier resistance movement such that even the Punjab Governor's personal bodyguards comprising of only 24 men were selected. . . . Read More

Ethnic divide in the 50,000 strong Pakistani community in Qatar has come to the fore with a noted literary body of Pathans deciding to keep away from a community function being held this month to mark their country's independence day. . . . Read More

Description of Marwats and their country by Herbert Edwardes during period of second Anglo-Sikh War. . . . Read More

په پښتو ژبه کښې يو تعرفي مقاله . . . نور

Peshawar, of the silk route fame, is now once again a market for Central Asia and the NWFP is no longer a Cul-de-sac but a highway to Central Asia and beyond. The opportunity is there to seize. . . . Read More

"قام "چاپ شوه

خپرؤنو نېټه: 7 اګست 2007

د "قام" په نامه يوه نوې جريده د دواوه پښتو ادبي جرګې شبقدر ډېرۍ لخوا شروع شوې چې لومړنۍ ګڼه ئې په زړه راښکونکې سرپاڼې او يو شمېر ليکونو او د شاعرۍ د زړه پورې برخې سره چاپ او بازار ته راووته.

د دوو پنځوسو مخونو په دې ښکلې جريده کښې د نوموتو ليکوالو او شاعرانو ليکنې او شعرونه خپاره شوي دي. سرپرست ئې محمد جان ګګياڼى، مدير حيات اقبال حيات او مرستيال سحر کتوزئى دي. د کمپوزنګ چارې ئې افغان خپرندويه ټولنه ترسره کړې دي. د يونيورسټي بک ايجنسۍ پېښور او حيات اقبال حيات څخه ترلاسه کېدى شي. تليفون شمېره ئې داده: 0345-9394431

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"قام "چاپ شوه,
د خېبر وېب پاڼې باندې په 7 اګست 2007 خپره شوې ده (