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"قام "چاپ شوه,
د خېبر وېب پاڼې باندې په7 اګست 2007 خپره شوې ده (

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Naz o Ana , Mohammad Osman Mohmand

One of the most distinguished and prestigious woman in the Afghan history is Nazo Tukhi, better known as Nazo Anaa. Nazo Anaa was born in 1061 A.H. (1682 A.D.), in Tazi, an area located between Kandahar and Kalat. She was the daughter of Sultan Malkhi Tukhi, an independent chief of the varies tribes and clans stretching form Ghazni to Jaldika. She was married to Khalim Khan Hotak. Nazo Anaa had four sons, Abdul Kader Khan, Abdul Aziz Khan, Yahya Khan and the eldest Mirwais Khan, better know as Mirwais Neekah, one of the greatest ruler in the Afghan history. . . . Read More

The altitude of Razmak varies from 6000 feet to 11000 feet. The Razmak Plateau itself is located amid the rugged, lofty mountains and is connected with two roads, one with Tank via Jandola (now not much used) and the other with Bannu through Mirali and Isha corner, which is 65 kilometers long arduous pattern less jumble of arid mountain, ravines and knife edge ridges. Shoran Algad three kilometers in the South from Razmak is the boundary between North and South Waziristan. . . . Read More

Jan Muhammad Shaheed , Muhammad Shafi Sabir

Jan Muhammad was one of those first people who fought against the Hindus and sacrificed themselves for the sake of Islam. Until 1905 AD, there were no Hindu Muslim riots or Hindu Muslim tensions in the whole of the province which comprised of 95% Muslims. But when a renowned Hindu leader named Lala Lajpath Raye . . . Read More

Ikramullah Gran , Sher Alam Shinwari

Considered among the pioneers of the Pushto ghazal, Ikramullah Gran is known for his distinctive style. The poetic images created through the 153 ghazals in his collection, Zama ghazal (My ghazals), enchant the heart while appealing to the mind. His way of dealing with subjects such as love, humanism, sorrow, peace, spirituality . . . Read More

Following is some of the poetry collections of Hamza Baba, beautifully composed and sung by Rafiq Shinwari. Rafiq Shinwari was an accomplished singer, music director, and above all a student of Hamza Baba. His profile appears here (In Pashto). . . . Read More

Status of Northern Areas , Professor Ahmad Hassan Dani

The term "Northern Areas of Pakistan", was unknown before 1947 but its geographic entity existed separately apart from Kashmir, or a little-known word "Kashir", which actually means "The Land of Saffron"--a fragrance so well extracted from musk deer that even now roam about in Deosai Plane. . . . Read More

"قام "چاپ شوه

خپرؤنو نېټه: 7 اګست 2007

د "قام" په نامه يوه نوې جريده د دواوه پښتو ادبي جرګې شبقدر ډېرۍ لخوا شروع شوې چې لومړنۍ ګڼه ئې په زړه راښکونکې سرپاڼې او يو شمېر ليکونو او د شاعرۍ د زړه پورې برخې سره چاپ او بازار ته راووته.

د دوو پنځوسو مخونو په دې ښکلې جريده کښې د نوموتو ليکوالو او شاعرانو ليکنې او شعرونه خپاره شوي دي. سرپرست ئې محمد جان ګګياڼى، مدير حيات اقبال حيات او مرستيال سحر کتوزئى دي. د کمپوزنګ چارې ئې افغان خپرندويه ټولنه ترسره کړې دي. د يونيورسټي بک ايجنسۍ پېښور او حيات اقبال حيات څخه ترلاسه کېدى شي. تليفون شمېره ئې داده: 0345-9394431

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"قام "چاپ شوه,
د خېبر وېب پاڼې باندې په 7 اګست 2007 خپره شوې ده (