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June 2007

30 جون 2007

د اهلبېت پښتو اکېډيمۍ په مرکزی دفتر کښې د بوډا استعمار انګلستان لخوا د زمانې تر ټولو بدنام او ملعون ليکوال مرتد سلمان رشدی ته د (( سر )) د خطاب په ورکولو باندې په اعتراض کښې يوه احتجاجی غونډه د ښاغلی مفتی . . . نور

Thursday, June 21 2007

It's difficult to be a rock star in the land the epitomises conservatism, yet something shocking is happening. There is a rock scene waiting to burst out of the NWFP. Rahim Shah was just the beginning, Sajid and Zeeshan were proof that originality can spring out of unlikely places and there are others who are making their riffs and ragas heard... slowly, but surely. . . . Read More

17 جون 2007

د پنجاب د کهاريان په ښار کښې يو پوليس کانسټېبل د رياست نه تنخوا ددې دپاره اخلي چې د خلقو د ژوند ساتنه او د انصاف تقاضې پوره کړي خو هغه ددې کار لپاره ورکړل شوے ټوپک راوباسي او يو داسې سړے . . . نور

Sunday, June 17 2007

Shops in Bagh bazar are finally opening up after a lapse of eight months. A remote area of Bara Sub-Division, Tirah Bagh had been badly affected due to the infighting between factions of Ansar-al Islam and Lashkar-e Islam. . . . Read More

Saving Kohistan's Forests, Rina Saeed Khan
Thursday, June 7 2007

An NGO has worked hard to raise awareness of- the value of forests in Kohistan. The 30,000 inhabitants of Palas are clear about one thing - they must protect their forests from outsiders and control grazing so that new trees can grow. . . . Read More