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June 2006

S O G H A T, Prof. Jahanzeb Niaz
Friday, June 23 2006

SOGHAt is the name of a newly published book, in which the author Professor Jahanzeb Niaz, published 34 letters of the great Pakhtoon Leader Khan Abdul Wali khan. . . . Read More

رحمان بابا په مصيبت کښې، شيرين زاده خدوخيل
22 جون 2006

بيګاماښام يو خطرناک دهشت ګرد طالب نيولے شوے دے دهغه له جيبه ديوشاعر عبدالرحمان څه شعرونه برامد شوى دى دا عبدالرحمان مونږ ته يوپوخ دهشت ګرد اودطالبانو دملا تير ښکارى سمدستى نيول ئې پکاردى . . . . نور

The Problem of Pukhtunistan, Dr. Sher Zaman Taizi
Saturday, June 17 2006

This area was called Pukhtunkhwa (Pukhtun Quarter, according to Bellew) or Paktika (according to Herodotus) and mentioned by many Pushto poets in their verses as Pukhtunkhwa since the 11th century. . . . Read More

Matter of Identity , Dr. Sher Zaman Taizi
Thursday, June 15 2006

Matter of Identity . . . Read More

Unison of Another Kind, Rahimullah Yusufzai
Tuesday, June 6 2006

In Mardan and several other districts of NWFP, many young women are seeking help of lawyers and organisations to seek freedom from forced marriages to older men. . . . Read More