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June 2005

Wednesday, June 29 2005

At the Higher Secondary School (F.Sc.) level, our English course book contained a lesson written by James Thurber about the humorous incident that took place in Ohio (an American city) on 12th March, 1913. The story was about the panic that started in the city quite abruptly. It was based on a rumour of breaking up of the dam built on the Mississippi river. As a result all the people of the city started running towards "The East" in order to save their lives. At that time we had not even thought of facing such an incident in our lives. . . . Read More

Wednesday, June 29 2005

Ghani Khan, whose ninth anniversary is being celebrated today, was not only a poet but a great lover of peace and humanity. His life passed through various phases and almost all of them are reflected in his writings. Most people know little about Ghani Khan. For many, he is only a poet who wrote about love, music, pleasure, wine and sensuality. For some, he is a rebel while for others he is a heretic. It's, therefore, makes sense to talk also about his life and times instead of discussing his poetry in isolation. . . . Read More

Sardar Ali Takkar, Zafar Ali Usafzai
Thursday, June 23 2005

Takkar, a small village in District Mardan, may be known to many of the Historians because of the Tragic War that took place between the British Army and the Villagers and which resulted in a mass bloodshed of the innocent villagers. But almost every Pakhtun around the world knew Takkar because of a veteran personality, which opened her eyes in this village. . . . Read More

14 جون 2005

په خواشينۍ مو خبر تر لاسه کړ چې د افغانستان نامتو ليکوال او شاعر محمد هاشم زماني د غبرگولي په 19 نيټه د امريکې په کليفورنيا کي وفات شو. ښاغلى محمد هاشم زمانی په 1308 کال د استقلال دڅلورمې جبهې(چترال) د فاتح(لوى خان غازي مير زمان خان) کره زيزيدلى وو. . . . نور