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Interested in promoting your business or website? With over 1,000 unique & selected audience visiting daily and of late generating more than 1 Million hits per month *, Khyber.ORG can prove to be a useful platform to reach members of the Pashtun community around the world.

Two plans are available for you to choose. **

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At the moment, we can only advertise your ads on the site front index. i.e., To avoid clutter, we have a limited quota for ads. Details of these are as such:

  1. 2x Banners (Currently Available: 0)
  2. 5x Buttons (Currently Available: 5)

What to do if there are no available slots? You may send an email to the webmaster mentioning (1) your name, and (2) your email, and your ad will be placed in a queue. The queue will ONLY display your name and will be available to view online. We will not publish any email addresses or website details/addresses in that queue. Once an opening is available, we will send you a reminder. If you fail to make a payment and take up your slot within 7 days, the next person in the queue will be given an opportunity. At the moment, we don't have any names in the Queue.


  1. Banners will be positioned in the middle column on the front-page. First banner will be below block 1, while the second banner will be at the end of the page above the copyright notice.
  2. Buttons will be positioned in the right hand column. They will be placed anywhere below the second block (Last 10 Additions)

Note: Ads will be given preference of position on page on first-come-first-serve basis.

Khyber.ORG deems the following categories of ads not appropriate for advertising on these pages:

  1. Alcohol related products
  2. References to sex, sensuality, or use of profane or vulgar language
  3. Gambling related products/sites/activities
  4. Dishonest or misleading statements
  5. Appeals using overly emotional or graphic depictions
  6. Accusative attacks on individuals/groups/race/country
  7. Groups promoting terrorism/racism or belonging to any terrorist or racist organisation

The following ad formats are supported:

  1. JPG or GIF (Note: Only 3 rotations allowed per GIF animation)
  2. File size (Maximum 20 Kb) with +/- ratio of 1 Kb
  3. Ad size (Buttons = 140 x 50 Pixels, Banners = 400 x 60 Pixels)

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* 2005 Statistics till Month of August
** Khyber.ORG reserves the right to change advertisement tariffs without prior notice. Advertisers on a previous tariff will still continue on that price plan until they cancel their subscriptions or when their ad time expires