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Early history of Niazi tribe, Jawwad Khan Marwat
Wednesday, March 4 2015

Niazis initially occupied an area in the district Shilghar , situated to the south of Ghazni. When the Ghalzai became numerous, they drove the Niazis to the eastward and the Andar branch of the Ghilzais still hold Shilghar.Niazis journeyed South untill they came until they came to the Tank. There they found rest and their young men became merchants and carriers. . . . Read More

Zarkun, Jawwad Khan Marwat
Monday, March 2 2015

Zarkuns are offshoots of Pannis. In late 16th century , they occupied Kohlu, Mamand Khan Kot, Gamboli and the neighboring hills under their Sardar Firoz Khan. . . . Read More

Naghar, Jawwad Khan Marwat
Monday, March 2 2015

Naghars are Ghurghast Afghans being descended from Naghar, one of the four sons of Danai, son of Ismael, nicknamed Gurghast and so akin to Kakar, Dawai and Parnai.They once held all the hill country from near Nigaha or Sakhi sarwar pass to the south comprsising the Southern parts of the Koh-i-Siyah or Suleiman range, where it trends to the west and is much mixed up with lower ranges of Koh-i-Surkh or red range. . . . Read More

Sunday, March 1 2015

Ahmad Shah Durrani was attempting to form alliance of muslim Central Asian khanates and Kazaks in order to mount military campaign against the Qing expansion into Central Asia. The powerful Muslim ruler was upset at the murder of Muslim saints, the Kashghar Khojas . . . Read More

Saturday, February 28 2015

Afghans made a marked progress during Tughlaq period.Due to position as Sadah amirs, large number of Afghan zamindars emerged during the latter part of 14th century.Tthe Tughlaq rulers had to rely increasingly on Afghans for their armies. . . . Read More

Saturday, February 28 2015

An account of the life of social worker and civil contractor Khan Mir Aslam Khan Khattak of Shaidu village, Nowshera. The write-up also presents a pictorial account of some step-based water-wells constructed by him. . . . Read More

Saturday, February 28 2015

A write-up shedding light on the illustrious career of Ghulam Faruque Khan Khattak; founder of Khattak Group under which industries such as Cherat Cement, Unicol, etc. are operating. . . . Read More

Khajjak, Jawwad Khan Marwat
Friday, February 27 2015

"Balochan-i-Marri bar koh minazand, wa mardumi Khajjak dar maidani goi shujaat mi rubayand" Translated from Persian in English language the- proverb will read as follows - "Marri Baloch are proud of their mountains whereas Khajjaks are proud of their bravery in the plain area. . . . Read More

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A collection of Paintings compiled from various sources on the internet and books. . . . Read More

افريديان ، منشي احمد جان

افريدي اتۀ خيلونه دي: آدم خيل، اکا خيل، کمر خيل، کمبر خيل، کوکي خيل، ملک دين خيل، سپاه، او زخه خيل. د آفريدو ملک چه تيراه ورته ويلي شي نهه زره (9000) ميل مربع دي.او د پيښور د سهيل غر پريواتۀ ګټ پلو پروت دي. دا . . . نور

دمنزل په لور ، صابر حجازى

دنړۍ په مخ دوګړو په دې خور بامبيړ کښې هغه ډله چې دشعور او پوهې خاوندان بللے شى دشاعرانو اوليکوالو ډله ده بلکې بعضې نړيوال سترګه ورئې دقام سترګې بولى اورښتياهم ده ځکه چې يوشاعر اوليکوال هغه څه وينى اوڅيړنه ئې کوى چې ديوعام وګړى دشعور نظر ترهغې د رسيدو جوګه نه وى شاعر دخپلې دغې څيړنې په رڼاکښې دسبا لارې وينى او قوم ته منزل په ګوته کوى او دژوندانۀ دمرام نه ئې خبروى . ديوقام دترقۍ اومخکښې تګ اندازه ددغه قوم دشاعرانو دذهنى سطحې نه په اسانه لګيدلے شى نن هم مونږ څوسوه کلونه وړاندې تاريخ دهغه دور دشاعرانو او اديبانو دليکونونه معلوموو نو په د ې اړه شاعران اوليکوال دتاريخ ساتندويه وګړى دى . دشاعر سوچ . . . نور

يويشتمه فروري او پښتو ژبه ، عبدالهادي حيران

ژبه د يو قام پېژندګلو او د قام د ژوند د ټولو اړخونو مهم بنسټ وي. د ژوندو قامونو ژبې تل ژوندۍ وي. ځکه چې د قامونو د تاريخي ژوند ثبوت د هغوئ د ژبو ادب، ثقافت او تعليم وي. د نړۍ د لويو تهذيبونو په لوئي والي کې د هغوئ ژبو ډېر مهم رول لوبولى دى. . . . نور

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