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کابلي واله ، ډاکټر لطیف یاد
30 مارچ 2014

زما پنځه کلنه لور( ميني) نه شي کولای چې يوه شيبه پټه او چپه خوله پا تې شي٠ زه په دې اند يم چې هغه به په خپل ټول ژوند کې يوه شيبه هم چپه خوله نه وي پا تې شوې ٠ د هغې مور دې ته ډېره په غو سه کيږي او دډېر وخبر و نه يې منعه کوي، خو ما په خپل ټول ژوند کې دا کار نه . . . نور

30 مارچ 2014

شېخ ملي يوسفزئي او د هغه دفتر . . . نور

Pukhtun Yar , Shahban Ali Shah
Saturday, March 29 2014

16 جولائي 2013

د ملالی قيصئي

. . . نور

Sunday, July 14 2013

For centuries the village was famous for the production of Bara rice. The rice was so popular that when the Barakzai Sardars of Afghanistan were driven from Peshawar by the Sikh Khalisa Army in 1834, . . . Read More

Tazkira Awlia , Suleiman Mako
Monday, July 1 2013

Tazkerat Al Awlia is the oldest work of prose in Pashto that we know of. It was written in 612 Hijri (1216 AD) by Suleiman Mako (of Arghasan). Only 7 pages of the book were found by Prof. Abdul Hai Habibi. . . . Read More

30 جون 2013

مونږ چه د مختلفو ژبو د ادب د تاريخ مطالعه کؤو نو داسې ښکاري چه د اکثر آريائي ژبو د ادب آغاز د روحاني واقعاتو داستانونو او د پېريانو او ښاپېرو د قيصو نه شوې دې۔ خو دا د پښتو ژبې اختصاص دې، چه د دې آغاز هم د اسلامي ادب نه شوې دې۔ زمونږ د وړومبي دور ټول ليکونکي لکه بېټ نيکه، شېخ اسماعيل، شېخ عيسا، ملک يار غرشين، او بختيار نه صرف قامي مشران وو . . . نور

پختو + پشتو = پخشتو ، ڈاکٹر هدايت الله نعيم
19 مئی 2013

اس مقالے ميں زبان پښتو (Puxto) [1] کی اردو حروف ميں تحرير "پختو" اور "پشتو" کا جائزه ليا گيا هے۔ چونکه پختو ميں حرف خ او پشتو ميں حرف ش اس زبان کے الگ الگ دو بڑهے لہجوں (سخت يا پشاوری لہجے اور نرم يا قندهاری لہجے) کی نمائندگی کرتے . . . مزید

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Intrepid and proud of their strength of arms, Pukhtoons are fond of field sports. In the early stage of his life, a child measures his strength with his compatriots in wrestling bouts called Parzawal. This is followed by other sports of a masculine nature. Later he goes on hunting excursions and . . . Read More

In the beginning, the name Mardan was given to a small area after the name of Pir Mardan Shah, a prominent religious figure. Gradually, a large surrounding area came to be known as Mardan. The area constituting Mardan district is part of Peshawar valley, which first appears in history as part of Gandhara Kingdom. Until 1937, Mardan district was a part of Peshawar district. In 1937, Mardan was set up as an independent district after the name of its headquarters town. . . . Read More

Kaghan valley is one of the prime tourist attractions of Pakistan. Stretched over 160 km, it is abound with snow-clad mountains, flowery meadows, enchanting lakes, and dense forests. With so much to offer, it provides an exhilarating experience; seeked after by thousands of tourists who flock the valley each year. . . . Read More

Marhdaki , Waqas Ahmad

Khado Khel; a small town with a population not exceeding more than one Lac, is situated some 90 kilometres away from Peshawar. A unique feature of its people is that modern amenities of life such as televisions have not affected their age-old traditions. . . . Read More

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