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Sunday, March 6 2016

The morning telephone call is generally not without peril. If it is from official source it brings about some message of official emergency and when it is from family or friends circles, it is normally indicative of somewhat more urgent situation. But this Friday's call from family back in Tank proved tragic when I was told that our popular tribal leader Malik Mohammad Qarib took his last breath just a few moments back and his funeral ceremony would be performed at around 2:30 pm soon after Friday Prayers. . . . Read More

14 اکتوبر 2015

Get to Know Pashtun Tribes
Updated: Now contains 135 153 tribes

. . . نور

Friday, April 10 2015

In the winter of 1837, Sikhs under their general Hari Singh Nalwa occupied the fortress of Jamrud at the entrance of Khyber. The Amir ordered his son Mohammed Akbar Khan to proceed to Khaibar, and then he reinforced him by means of his eldest son, Mohammed Afzal Khan . . . Read More

Friday, April 10 2015

Lawrence about Miranshah, "Round us....are low bare porcelain-coloured hills, with....a broken-bottle skyline....the quietness is so intense that i rub my ears, wondering if i am going deaf" . . . Read More

Friday, April 10 2015

The account of the founder of Rohilkhand. . . . Read More

Friday, April 10 2015

In 1463-64 A.D, Ahmad khan Bhatti, who had acquired great power in the country of Sindh, and had 20,000 cavalry under him, revolted against the Governor of Multan .The Langah governor of Multan complained to Bahlul Lodhi against the aggression of Ahmad Khan Bhatti . . . Read More

Friday, April 10 2015

Khan Gaju was Malik Ahmad's successor, he formed a great confederation of Khashi tribes and ruled over large tracts of present day Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, tribal areas , Potohar, Kunar and Kafiristan. . . . Read More

Friday, April 10 2015

Even Folklore, traditions and legends are singularly silent about the races who inhabited the Frontier prior to Pashtun invasions. . . . Read More

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This mountain, which, with its sister peak of Qaisaghar, form the highest points of the Suleiman range of the north-west frontier of India, is situated in the territory of the Sherani's, who, until brought under British control in the winter of 1890, were an independent and extremely troublesome border tribe. . . . Read More

Swati , Azmaray Afghan

Swatis are the biggest land owning group of Mansehra and Battagram districts. Every historian has gotten his on view regarding the origin of the Swatis but the Swatis relate their pedigree to Qais Abdur-Rasheed Baba. . . . Read More

نه خودسخن فهمۍ څه دعوه لرم او نه دغالب دطرفدارۍ نيت مې دے ځکه چې څه مې په زړۀ دى هم هغه مې په خله دى او واقعاتى حقيقت هم دادے چې د کچه ماذيګرى په ابتدائى لمحو کښې کله هم چې زۀ دځوانى مرګ دوست جاويد خيبر کيفۍ ته ورننوځم او دخپل ښى لاس دقطار خپل اشنا اخرى ميز ته ځان رسوم نو دګس لاس دقطار اخرى ميز دګوټ کرسۍ مې سترګې ځان پله لکه دمقناطيس راکاږى چې يو درويش پرې ځان له مراقبه . . . نور

پښتنی قبيلې ، عبداللطيف طالبی

د پښتنو ۱۹۰ قبائلو باندې ليکل شوی يو مهم کتاب . . . نور

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