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Sunday, March 29 2015

In 1260 Balban brought areas known as Kohpaya-Bharatpur, Dholpur and parts of what became Jaipur and Lawar, under the sword with the help of a body of Afghans, who penetrated every where in defiles and ravines, a total of 3000 horse and foot, in a locality of Hind where Muslim troops had not been before . . . Read More

پښتنی قبيلې، عبداللطيف طالبی
29 مارچ 2015

د پښتنو ۱۹۰ قبائلو باندې ليکل شوی يو مهم کتاب . . . نور

Afghan-Baloch Wars, Jawwad Khan Marwat
Tuesday, March 24 2015

A summery of tribal wars and armed conflicts between Afghans and Balochs from 16th century to the end of 19th century. . . . Read More

Battle of Damghan (1729), Jawwad Khan Marwat
Friday, March 20 2015

Ashraf Hotaki having come to power in the aftermath of a coup against his predecessor, Mahmud Hotaki, had achieved great success in the war with the Ottomans where with a much inferior force he overcame a superior Turkish army and agreed to a settlement in which he secured Turkish support and acceptance as the legitimate ruler of Persia. Hardly had he begun to enjoy his good fortune when he received reports of the great successes of Shah Tahmasp in Khorasan. . . . Read More

Monday, March 16 2015

In 682 AD, the Afghans from their mountains, who had, even at that early period, embraced the Islam, wrested certain possessions from the Hindu Rajput king of Lahore. Afghans also came to the Indus plains from Roh in 711-12 A.D with the army of Muhammad Bin Qasim , the conqueror of Sindh. Afghans made their first expedition into India in 705 AD, when their contingent from Khurasan, then under the rule of Abdul Malik Hijjaj bin Yousuf joined Muhammad bin Qasim to Sind . . . Read More

Tuesday, March 10 2015

With the establishment of Afghan reign in Kashmir valley in 1753, the Shawl industry received an immense boast. Afghan rulers took particular care to promote export and attracted commercial agents from Iran, Turkistan, Afghanistan ,Turkey and Russia , so that the market even extended as far as Europe. . . . Read More

Saturday, March 7 2015

In 1914 there were nearly 5000 Trans-Indus Pathans in the Indian Army, of whom about half were Afridis. By June 1916 over 600 Afridis had deserted to Turks. In November 1915 all recruitment of Trans-Indus Pathans was stopped. Philip Mason well summed up the loyalty assessment of the Indian Army by saying that "A faint question mark hung over the Pathans throughput the war but the Punjabi Muslims were steady as a rock" . . . Read More

Early history of Niazi tribe, Jawwad Khan Marwat
Wednesday, March 4 2015

Niazis initially occupied an area in the district Shilghar , situated to the south of Ghazni. When the Ghalzai became numerous, they drove the Niazis to the eastward and the Andar branch of the Ghilzais still hold Shilghar.Niazis journeyed South untill they came until they came to the Tank. There they found rest and their young men became merchants and carriers. . . . Read More

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Gardez , Daniel Balland

Gardez is the capital of the province of Paktia and serves as the summer residence of the provincial governor, who resides in Khost during the winter. This practice of alternating headquarters is one of the last vestiges in Afghanistan of the once common seasonal migration of administrative authorities, directly moulded on nomadic traditions. . . . Read More

کومو خلقو چې مولاناعبدالحق په خپلو سترګو نۀ وى ليدلے هغوئ ته څنګه ووايو چې مرحوم د ايمان اؤ اسقامت، علم اؤ عمل، تواضع اؤ تقدس، شفقت اؤ مرحمت، زيبائى اؤ رعنائى اؤ نور اؤ رڼا څومره زړۀ راښکونکے تصوير ؤ. حق خبره داده چې د ژبې اؤ بيان کوم اسلوب د مولانا غوندې متاع يوسفى صحيح تصوير کشى نۀ شى کؤلے. آه! قائد شريعت شيخ الحديث . . . نور

Bannu is mainly an administrative headquarter and an army garrison. It is an important junction on the Peshawar Quetta road. It is surrounded by the Kohat district to the North, the Tochi Valleys of the North Waziristan Tribal agency to the west, and Lakki Marwat district to the south. Bannu lies in the north west corner of the disctrict in the valley of Kurram River. . . . Read More

Tazkira Awlia , Suleiman Mako

Tazkerat Al Awlia is the oldest work of prose in Pashto that we know of. It was written in 612 Hijri (1216 AD) by Suleiman Mako (of Arghasan). Only 7 pages of the book were found by Prof. Abdul Hai Habibi. . . . Read More

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