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Friday, June 5 2015

During Shah Jahan's times , the vale of Peshawar came to witness the inter-tribal war of Yusafzai and Khattak tribes . . . Read More

Friday, April 10 2015

In some respects the adventures of Mehsuds and Wazir contingents which accompanied Nadir to Kabul in 1929 present a picture even more significant. For on that occasion they were not defending their country from occupation, but acting on the offensives within Afghanistan. . . . Read More

Friday, April 10 2015

In the winter of 1837, Sikhs under their general Hari Singh Nalwa occupied the fortress of Jamrud at the entrance of Khyber. The Amir ordered his son Mohammed Akbar Khan to proceed to Khaibar, and then he reinforced him by means of his eldest son, Mohammed Afzal Khan . . . Read More

Friday, April 10 2015

Lawrence about Miranshah, "Round us....are low bare porcelain-coloured hills, with....a broken-bottle skyline....the quietness is so intense that i rub my ears, wondering if i am going deaf" . . . Read More

Friday, April 10 2015

The account of the founder of Rohilkhand. . . . Read More

Friday, April 10 2015

In 1463-64 A.D, Ahmad khan Bhatti, who had acquired great power in the country of Sindh, and had 20,000 cavalry under him, revolted against the Governor of Multan .The Langah governor of Multan complained to Bahlul Lodhi against the aggression of Ahmad Khan Bhatti . . . Read More

Friday, April 10 2015

Prince Bahadur Shah (Son of Aurangzeb) on his conquest of Bannu made Syed Hassan as the governor of Dawar tribe in 1696 and imposed upon the tribes an annual tribute of Rs. 12,000. For some time the new governor continued his governorship, but with difficulties. When the Mughal Administration fell into disorder, the Dawars shook off the imperial yoke. . . . Read More

Friday, April 10 2015

Khan Gaju was Malik Ahmad's successor, he formed a great confederation of Khashi tribes and ruled over large tracts of present day Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, tribal areas , Potohar, Kunar and Kafiristan. . . . Read More

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خپله ژبه ، م.ن. سالارزۍ

ژبه د انسانانو په ژوند کښۍ ډېر مهم رول لوبوي. د ژبې په وسيله انسانان د نورو حيواناتو څخه جلا او بېلېږي. ژبه يوه ژوندي پديده ده. ژبه نه يوازې د خبرو کولو او فکر څرګندولو آله او وسيله ده بلکه د ژبې په وسيله د يو قام او ولس ملي هريت څرګنديږي. د ژبې په وسيله د پېښوا وقت غبرګون مومي. . . . نور

قران کريم سورتونو فضائل ، مولانه منظور احمد نعماني

داخر دال عمران نه مراد ان فى خلق السموت والارض نه دسورة دختميدو پورې ايتونه دى. په صحيح روايتونو کښې وارد شوى دى چې رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم چې به دشپې دتهجد دپاره پورته شو نودټولونه مخکښې (داودس کولونه هم مخکښې) به ئې دا . . . نور

افغانستان مو خپل کور دې ، ذبيح الله شريفی

. . . نور

Darra Khyber has remained an important trade & military route between the Subcontinent and Central Asia. This is the land where Buddhists had lived whose relics are found scattered throughout the land and it is through here that marauding armies passed while on their way to conquer the wealth of Hindustan. . . . Read More

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